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Make succulent dishes with the flavourful Chukde Meat Masala, which is 100% tasty and 100% safe.

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Product Description


When the word 'Meat' is used in front of most Indians, dishes like Mutton Curry, Rogan Josh, Kosha Mangsho come to mind. Basically, meat is synonymous with goat meat for us. The goat meat-based dish originated in South East Asia, and there are many preparations of mutton curry from every region of our country.

Cooking Uses

All meat-based dishes can use a generous amount of Meat Masala, whether in marination or while preparing the base. But contrary to the belief, Meat Masala does NOT contain any meat. It is a pure vegetarian blend of aromatic spices that adds dark colour and spicy flavour to the dishes. All the vegans and vegetarians should try it in soya-based dishes like soya chaap and soya keema for "meat-like" gravy. You can also add it to Rajma Masala to spice it up.

Chukde Advantages

• We cold grind our spices to make sure their natural aroma and flavours are retained. • All our Spices pass through ETO Sterilization before being packaged and sold.
• Authentic blend with the best 24 ingredients to recreate your favourite dish safely.

Our Process


We get all our spices from the most authentic sources, working closely with local farms and following ethical practices.


Our spices go through 27 chemical and microbial tests before entering the processing unit.


All the chosen spices then go under a 7-day fumigation process to further get rid of any unwanted substances.


The spices are further cleaned and sorted with state-of-the-art machinery which includes Clean O Grader, De Stoner, Gravity Separator, Rare Earth Magnets, and Color Sorter.


We go a step further in our safety measures and clean and sort the spices manually, picking what the machines might have missed.


All our spices pass through ETO Sterilization Plant which controls the microbial load in the spices before packing them.


We then pack and seal the freshness and flavors of the safest spices of India.


All our spices are powdered in cold grinding machines to retain their true aroma and nutrients.


Our Spice Blends are then curated by seamless mixing of our safest whole spices in the right proportions to get authentic flavors.

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