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The Heart Of Indian Cooking: Whole Spices And Their Role In Traditional Dishes

The Heart Of Indian Cooking: Whole Spices And Their Role In Traditional Dishes

20 December, 2023

Author: Team Chukde

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One can hardly think of preparing Mouth-watering Indian food without using whole spices. The heart of Indian cuisine rests heavily on selecting the perfect masala for every dish. The most commonly used whole spices are cumin, cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, etc. These spices are used meticulously to add taste, flavour, tenderness, and many other things to the food.

Spices You Must Have In Your Kitchen for Traditional Indian Dishes

The range of whole spices online is unending, but one must know the basic and staple ones that should be present in the kitchen. You can refer to the list of Indian spices that are a must in the Indian cooking space:

  1. Cumin: Known for its strong aroma, the cumin seeds are brown in colour. This spice is quite common in Indian households and may be utilised in almost every dish, such as curries, snacks, or even tadka.
  2. Cardamom: This unique spice goes well with savouries and desserts. This light green coloured spice has captured a significant spot on the spice shelf in most Indian Kitchens.
  3. Cloves: Best known for its sweet and aromatic smell, this spice has found an essential space in Indian cuisine. Inculcated in various Indian dishes for years, cloves are an inherent Indian spice that finds its prevalence within every Indian household.
  4. Turmeric: This golden-coloured spice is a significant component in many Indian dishes. Apart from making Indian cuisine healthy and tasty, turmeric is considered auspicious and is an important part of several Indian traditions.
  5. Fenugreek: These yellow seeds are prominently used in traditional Indian dishes. According to the ayurveda, fenugreek contributes to enhancing the taste. Fenugreek is excellent in lowering blood pressure, inflammation and blood sugar level.   
  6. Fennel Seeds: Fennel seeds are much like cumin seeds. However, fresh fennel seeds are green in colour. You will find fennel seeds in almost every traditional dish.

These are some of the most used whole spice ranges. If you want to prepare a traditional dish like Aloo Gobi (Potato Cabbage) or Butter Paneer, you will have to use these authentic spices from Chukde Spices.

Role of the Whole Spices in Traditional Indian Dishes

Indian cuisine has always been known for its deep, exotic, and rich flavours. Such a distinct taste is only possible because of the spices. Since the use of these masalas is extensive these days, you may find the best quality whole spices online to accommodate your recipe. These spices contribute to the Indian traditional dishes in the following ways: 

  1. Aroma: You can’t think of Indian cuisines without a fine aromatic smell. Spices like turmeric, cumin, cardamom, and coriander are mainly responsible for adding a delicious aroma to the food.
  2. Spice: When it comes to Indian dishes like dal and curry, you can’t ignore the spiciness of the food. Spices like cloves, cumin, and black pepper add spiciness to the food.
  3. Health Benefits: Spices are used for their health benefits also. Whole spices have benefits like antioxidant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, digestive, and stimulant properties. These health benefits also ensure the spices are prevalent in other food items such as cakes, teas,etc .
  4. Improved Taste: The range of these spices ensures a quality taste in the food. Every spice is used in perfect measure to add a unique taste to the preparation of your food.

While the spices contribute extensively to the food, it is better to buy them from authentic sources like Chukde masale. 

Why Chukde?

Chukde Spices is a premier brand that offers authentic and fresh spices. Our spices go through a rigorous sorting process to ensure the best quality only. Even after the deep cleaning process, our spices retain all the aroma and the health benefits. You will also find these whole spices online so that you can get the best product from the top masala manufacturer and seller in India.

Whether you have to make curry or simple dal, the Indian spices are marvellous in adding taste, flavour and uniqueness. Whole spices bring a rich texture to the food and ensure a strong flavour to any dish you would like to prepare. Chukde Masale takes pride in being the seller of the safest spices in India. Without adding anything chemical to the spices, we bring exotic aroma and health benefits to the traditional dishes.

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