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The Chukde Difference: How Quality Sets Their Whole Spices Apart

The Chukde Difference: How Quality Sets Their Whole Spices Apart

27 April, 2024

Author: Team Chukde

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When the planet itself favors a country with agricultural blessings, the quality of whole spices is bound to burst through the roof. A diverse climate, centuries’ worth of cultivation knowledge, and farming intensity produce spices in abundance. Chukde is one of the leading companies sourcing these spices and refining them. Indulge in whole spices in India, available in premium quality at uncompromising and competitive rates.

What sets whole spices apart in India?

Choosing Chukde is a smart move to enter India’s safe hub of spices. You may wonder what distinguishes this brand from other whole spices in India. Well, see Chukde’s take on quality here:

  • Sourcing: With the increasing use of artificial fertilizers in agriculture, people are particular about choosing naturally sourced whole spices. They go above and beyond to work with local farms. Rest assured, all spices and products at Chukde are results of ethical farming.
  • Testing: When raw spices are disengaged from the Earth, they need to undergo a series of tests to clear microbes on every level. The whole spices at Chukde only reach the customers on clearing about 27 such tests.
  • Fumigation: Fumigation is when a gas is expelled to eliminate any pesticides present in the spices. This gas is safe and chemical-free, often dropping the oxygen level in the gas itself. It takes a week of fumigation to detect and eliminate insects and unwanted activity in Chukde spices.
  • Cleaning: Various advanced machines are arranged in Chukde’s Every product is sent through each of these cutting-edge technology machinery. It is safe to say that the whole spices you buy there will have acquired excellent standards of quality.
  • Handpicking: This is where their human workforce enters the equation. Since even the best machines are prone to mechanical errors, Chukde does not fall prey to the benefit of the doubt and manually checks the whole spices in India
  • Sterilization: Chukde introduces an extra mode of inspection before sending your order. The ETO Sterilization Plant is the final step to ensure safe consumption.
  • Packaging: Its team wraps your whole spices order in safe and strong packaging. What you receive will be sealed completely in eco-friendly packaging material.
  • Recycling: If products are returned or live out their expiration date, Chukde doesn’t drop the price and sell short-lived spices to you or toss them off in the trash. Instead, they add it to the compost and contribute to planet positivity.

Why should you include Chukde whole spices in your diet?

As hardcore Indians, most of the population has a sacred love for spices. However, the whole spices in India extend beyond their aesthetic and taste purposes. Here’s how Chukde makes sure you live healthy:

  • Digestion: Despite popular belief, spices can enhance health and diet. Cumin, fennel, coriander, and cardamom are some of the many Chukde spices that can improve your digestion cycle. They are a one-stop solution to gas, indigestion, and bloating.
  • Blood sugar balance: Although this can help you get a better grip on diabetes, those without diabetes can also benefit from it. Involving whole spices like fenugreek and cinnamon in your diet helps you regulate blood sugar levels in your body.
  • Metabolism: Spices like turmeric contain antioxidants that improve metabolism. They elevate heat production and help you burn fat if you’re looking to stay fit and on schedule.
  • Strengthens immunity: Global warming is messing up with everyone’s health across the world. Whole spices in India are easily accessible to you, so you can keep your immunity system up to par and live your life stress-free.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Whether you have inflammatory issues or not, having spices will reduce your chances of developing them any time soon.

Where to look?

At Chukde, our mission is simple: to offer authentic whole spices in India that can add a magic to your foods in the form of delicious flavors. We set out to make holistic well-being a goal for all. Owing to the whole spices we source, sterilize, and package for you, it is made easily available to you at reasonable rates. You’re only one click away from switching to a lifetime of healthy spices!

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