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How Is A Perfect Spice Blend Created?

How Is A Perfect Spice Blend Created?

27 October, 2021

Author: Team Chukde


A spoonful of Garam Masala added to your dish can fill your kitchen with an intoxicating aroma...if the blend is pure and potent. So, how do you get that?

Read on to know how to get the perfect spice blends.

Freshest Ingredients - If your raw material is fresh, the end product would be better. Don't use old spices that are way past their expiration if you want potent and flavourful blends.

Whole Spices with High Natural Oil - Rather than mixing pre-ground spices, which slowly start losing their flavour once opened, choose high-quality and safe spices.

For best results, go for the diverse range of Chukde Whole Spices that pass through over 27 Quality Tests, multiple stages of cleaning and sorting, and ETO Sterilization.

The Perfect Proportions - It is important to be familiar with the taste profiles of your spices when you're blending them to create a unique flavour. Too mild, too sharp, or too spicy is not something you want to hear yourself say. Spices like Badi ElaichiBay Leaf, and Ajwain have bitter tastes. Whereas, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Star Anise have sweeter tones to them. So, make sure to use the right proportions to get what you exactly want.

Roasting & Grinding - For the final blending of the spices, you will have to roast and then mix them. 

Avoid roasting all spices together to prevent them from over-heating. Different-sized spices will not take the same time to roast. You can roast spices of similar size like fennel and cumin together to save time.

Grinding is the most important step in getting that perfect spice blend. A tedious method, but one of the most traditional ones is to grind your spices with a mortar & pestle. A more convenient way is to use a spice grinder or a coffee grinder.

However, grinding the spices in mixers and grinders would generate heat, making the spices lose their natural oils faster. It's better to make small batches for use than to stock them for long, in this case.

Better yet, get Chukde Spice Blends that are cold-ground in special machines to avoid loss of aroma and flavour. And when we seal them after ETO Sterilization you get them fresh and flavourful for a longer duration.


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