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Spices That Are Good For Various Internal Organs

Spices That Are Good For Various Internal Organs

14 February, 2022

Author: Team Chukde

Spices That Are Good For Various Internal Organs

We all have some 'gharelu nuskhas' for our skin or hair and don't hesitate to dig into our spice box for them. But do you know the wonder-spices that are easily found in your kitchens are also good for your internal organs as much as they benefit on the outside? 

Read below to find out which spices help some of your vital organs. 

Cinnamon & Black Pepper for brain
Consuming cinnamon is said to have positive effects on the brain like improved memory, reduced inflammation, and an increase in attention. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon powder to your daily cup of coffee, cereal, or smoothie to achieve these benefits. Another friend of your brain is Black Pepper which is rich in Piperine. Piperine is a compound that can help improve memory and cognitive function, as well as fights free radicals that can damage brain cells. So don't shy away from seasoning your food with some extra pepper.

Turmeric for Heart
The multi-faceted spice Turmeric gives yet another benefit to our body. The Curcumin present in it could lower the risk of heart diseases by reducing inflammation and oxidation. Curcumin may also help reduce cholesterol levels. So, Haldi does keep your heart healthy. 

Cumin for Liver
Cumin is one of the most widely used spices in the world besides black pepper. It really benefits your liver by helping it produce bile juice and other digestive enzymes. Cumin or Jeera also helps detoxify the liver. There's no reason for you now to not give a 'Jeera Tadka' to your dishes. 

Long Pepper for Lungs
Long Pepper or Pippali as it is commonly known in India is an amazing natural remedy for respiratory issues. It helps in clearing nasal congestion and mucus and provides relief against ailments like the common cold, bronchitis, and asthma. When dealing with congestion boil some Pippali in a glass of milk and drink the concoction.

Ginger for Kidney
Ginger is rich in nutrients like magnesium and vitamin C, along with some other minerals that can prevent kidney stone formation. Drinking Ginger Tea will help flush out toxins from the kidneys and keep them functioning well. Consumption of these and many other locally sourced and pure spices will keep your body healthy and all your organs in shape. However, always make sure that the spices you use are 100% safe and of high quality, giving you their maximum benefits. 

Disclaimer: All the benefits provided are generic and are commonly found over the internet. They should not be treated as substitutes for the medical advice of your doctor or any other health care professional.

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