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3 Spice Hacks For Healthy Hair

3 Spice Hacks For Healthy Hair

12 December, 2021

Author: Team Chukde


Hair fall, greying hair, dandruff - if you are going through these problems and constantly buying oils, shampoos, and cosmetic products for healthy hair, look no further than your spice rack.

Follow these simple spice remedies without having to spend a lot.

Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek or Methi Seeds are a rich source of iron and magnesium, along with vitamin B12 and B6. These nutrients help in strengthening hair and treating dandruff.
Heat the fenugreek seeds in oil, strain it and apply. You can also apply a mask on your scalp of overnight soaked seeds ground to make a thin paste. For more effectiveness mix it with honey or curd before application.
Sesame Seeds
Sesame or Til Seeds are packed with antioxidants and omega fatty acids. Sesame is known for its oil and can be applied regularly to promote hair growth. With anti-inflammatory properties, sesame may also provide relief to the itchy scalp. Massage a mixture of sesame oil and aloe vera gel, and then wash with a mild shampoo.

Mustard seeds
Mustard Seeds are rich in vitamin A and are considered good for strong, long, and shiny hair. For improved hair growth apply a mask of mustard seeds powder, half a banana, olive oil/almond oil, and a capsule of vitamin E. Wash it off with lukewarm water after 30 minutes.

While you follow these hacks, always remember to eat right and safe and keep that stress away for healthy hair and a healthy you.

Disclaimer: All the information provided is generic and is commonly found over the internet. They should not be treated as substitutes for the medical advice of your doctor or any other health care professional.

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