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What Makes Spices Taste Perfect?

What Makes Spices Taste Perfect?

10 October, 2021

Author: Team Chukde


A little spice can add a lot to your dish and that's why it is important to pick the right spice. Here's a little guide for you to understand what makes for the most authentic and potent spices.

EXTRA Clean and Adulterant-free - This is a no-brainer. Stones, dirt, weed that grow along with the spice plants as well as the adulterants added by some sellers, can leave you with an undesirable taste at the least and can be harmful to your health for the worst.

At Chukde Spices we make sure that only the cleanest and the safest spices make it through. Our state-of-the-art machinery that includes 'Clean O Grader' - separates dust and maintains uniformity in size, 'De Stoner' that removes stones from the spices, and rear earth magnets that remove the tiniest of unwanted metal particles.


High in Natural Oil Content - The oil content in the spices is what makes them highly potent. Sometimes hollow or dry spices can find their way to your kitchen that would do no good to your taste buds, and you'll only end up using more of those spices to get some flavour.

Machines like Gravity Separator and our manual workers who handpick the spices as a final check ensure that spices like Cardamom and Black Pepper are not hollow and spices like Clove are not headless.

Uniformity - Appearance matters when it comes to spices. While the uniformity in size is taken care of by 'Clean O Grader', the 'Color Sorter' regulates the colour of the spices, keeping them authentic and flavourful.

The Right Grind - Grinding the spices the right way is critical as the heat generated by the machines can make the spices lose their natural oil and hence lessen their potency and flavour.

To ensure the most authentic spices we grind Chukde Spices in Cold-Grinding machines to retain their flavour and aroma.

Besides these significant factors, it's also important to store the spices in the right way. All Chukde Spices are ETO Sterilized after processing and before packaging to remove invisible fungi and larvae, and maintain a longer shelf-life and retain the flavours.

So next time you go spice shopping, do a bit of research on your favourite brand. Stay smart, stay safe.

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