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Taste The Tradition: How Chukde Preserves Authentic Indian Spices

Taste The Tradition: How Chukde Preserves Authentic Indian Spices

26 March, 2024

Author: Team Chukde

Authentic Indian Spices

Authentic Indian spices have been used since ancient times. They have also been used in many different cultures and parts of the world. These Indian spices act as both food and medicine. They have also enhanced flavouring for thousands of years. That is why we happily embrace these varieties inside our kitchens even now. But the question here is whether this authenticity of spices is still intact. Scroll below to find out!

Preserving Authenticity with Chukde

Chukde is a renowned and reputed brand that aims to preserve all these authentic spices and how! It is a unique platform of the most amazing Indian flavours that you will get in the form of different product varieties. Now, let us know how Chukde preserves these authentic Indian spices to make sure you taste only the best in your food.

  • 27 Quality Tests

All our spices, like garam masala, red chilli powder, coriander powder, and more, undergo 27 different chemical and microbial parameters. After that, our experts fumigate, clean, and sort all these spices for final processing.

We have a team of experienced professionals who utilise different equipment and techniques to conduct testing based on different parameters. This often includes purity, moisture content, authenticity, freshness, etc. Our testing process is constant and transparent, which makes us a trustworthy brand.

  • ETO Sterilisation

Chukde also has an in-house ETO sterilisation plant that helps enhance authentic Indian spices. This plan is responsible for managing the microbial load in the spices. It includes sterilising the spices using Ethylene Oxide at cold temperatures. This helps kill all microbes while retaining the original flavour, aroma, and benefits of the spices.

All Chukde spices have undergone several stages of selection. These products are ETO Sterilised before being packed by the team. Later, they are packed and shipped for final consumption by all our consumers.

  • Fumigation and Cleaning

All the chosen spices at Chukde go through a 7-day fumigation process to further get rid of any unwanted substances. We use the most advanced machinery to clean and sort spices like garam masala, biryani masala, dal tadka masala, etc. These machineries include the Gravity Separator, Rare Earth Magnets, Clean O Grader, De Stoner, and Color Sorter.

  • Handpicking

Chukde goes a step further in its safety measures to clean and sort the spices manually. This helps our team pick what the machines might have missed. We strongly believe that a key component of authentic spices is indigenous and farmer-bred plant varieties. This makes them highly pest-resistant and adaptable. Being native to the region they are grown, indigenous spices developed from these, are best suited for the soil and the ecosystem of that region. These Indian spices are also superior in flavour, aroma and health benefits in comparison to others.

  • Quality Attested

Did you know that we are the first spice company in North India to be accredited with FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000:2005 certificates? Our quality norms and standards have always exceeded expectations. These tests ensure that we offer you only the best variety of spices across India. That is why Chukde is among the most preferred suppliers of spices for many Indian and international brands.

  • Locally Sourced Spices

All the spices from Chukde are sourced ethically from local farms in India. Later, they are processed in our factories using the most advanced technologies. We use the most advanced techniques in processing our spices to offer the highest quality products to our customers. This makes our processes superior to other competitors. That is how Chukde ensures safety in authentic flavours.

Chukde: The Harbinger of Authentic Indian Spices

Find the most unique and flavorful Indian spices at Chukde. We are among the leading suppliers of premium quality spices that promise you nothing else but hygiene. So, get ready to grab some of the best spices to enhance your culinary taste like no other. Visit our official website now to spice up your cooking journey further.

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