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Pure Vs. Artificial: The Importance Of Choosing Authentic Indian Spices By Chukde

Pure Vs. Artificial: The Importance Of Choosing Authentic Indian Spices By Chukde

21 September, 2023

Author: Team Chukde

The Importance Of Choosing Authentic Indian Spices By Chukde

Finding authentic Indian spice is important since it may make a meal taste much better with just a small bit of spice. When purchasing spices, we typically focus on the flavour or fragrance; however, do we consider their safety? Only the purest and most secure spices are allowed at Chukde Spices as we believe in 'Swad nahi toh paise nahi'. Let's first examine why some spices are harmful to you.


Which Makes A Spice Harmful?

Our microbiological and chemical tests ensure that only authentic Indian spices make it through. We guarantee to sterilise our spices to provide pure Indian spices. However, many other factors can make spices harmful:

·        Insects & Microbes

Due to the open, warm, and humid conditions where the plants that provide spices grow, they are more likely to contract insects or microbes. Taking good care of the crops is essential until they are harvested.

Because of this, Chukde makes an extra effort to work closely with neighbourhood farmers by assisting and advising them in acquiring safe products to produce the safest spices in India. We also use a lengthy 7-day fumigation treatment to get rid of bugs.

·        Other Organic Components

Since many spices are cultivated in forested regions, they gather dust and dirt. Ajwain, jeera, and dhania are a few spices that grow alongside unattractive weeds that might damage your health. Once the spices have been harvested from the farms, carefully cleaning them to remove these undesirable components is essential.

Chukde spices go through a 7-stage cleaning process that includes devices like the "Clean O Grader," which separates the dried herbs from the dust and the "De Stoner'' which removes large stones from the spices to guarantees that only the cleanest, safest, authentic Indian spices make it. The smallest unwanted metal particles are removed using rare-earth magnets to obtain the safest spices. 

·        Artificial Ingredients

Did you know that adding papaya seeds may make black pepper stronger? Sudan Dye and other colourants are added to different ground spices, including chilli powder. Some of them only degrade the quality, while others risk your health. Chukde Spices is committed to providing you with the best possible product, free from altering the ingredients or packaging.


How Chukde Ensures The Best And Authentic Indian Spices

Here is a quick guide to help you understand what characteristics make authentic Indian spices:

·        Advanced Clean and Substance-Free

The substances some dealers add, coupled with the stones, mud, and weed that grow alongside the spice plants, give a bad flavour to the spice and are dangerous to your health.

Our cutting-edge equipment includes the Clean O Grader, which separates dust and preserves size uniformity; the De Stoner, which eliminates stones from spices; and reverse earth magnets, which remove even the smallest undesired metal particles to provide pure Indian spices.

·        High Natural Oil Level

The spices' high oil content is what gives them their strength. Your taste sensors might not appreciate empty or dry spices that occasionally find their way into your kitchen, and you will wind yourself up using more of them to achieve flavour.

·        Consistency 

When it concerns spices, appearance counts. The "Colour Sorter" controls the colour of the pepper to maintain its authenticity and flavour, while the "Clean O Grader" maintains size uniformity.

·        The Correct Grind

It is important to grind spices correctly since improper processing can cause the loss of natural oil, which reduces the effectiveness and flavour of the spices. Authentic Indian spices by Chukde are ground in cold-grinding equipment to preserve taste and fragrance for the purest possible spices.

In addition to these vital elements, preserving the spices properly is paramount. To ensure a longer shelf life, preserve the taste, and eliminate unseen fungus and larvae, all Chukde Peppers are ETO Sterilised after production and before packing.


Why Choose Chukde?

The next time you buy spices, research your preferred brand. Be cautious and wise to get only pure Indian spices. Choose a spice package based on its flavour or authenticity; consider the spices' safety rating. At Chukde, you get the finest and safest authentic Indian spice. Visit our website to know more about our authentic spices.

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