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5 Spices That Are Good For Your Stomach And Gut Health

5 Spices That Are Good For Your Stomach And Gut Health

18 November, 2021

Author: Team Chukde

It's the season of eating and indulging and then often regretting. How about letting the guilt take a backseat, and adding certain spices to your diet that will make your stomach thank you and keep your gut health in check? 

Carom seeds or Ajwain is an instant solution for indigestion and bloating. A tablespoon of ajwain with a pinch of salt and warm water will help you out that gas building up.

A perfect spice to add to your soups and hot beverages in the winter season, cinnamon or dalchini is a sweet spice that helps in boosting your metabolism and improving digestion. Intake of cinnamon is also good for your blood sugar levels. 

Cumin or Jeera is a widely used spice across India, especially in the preparation of tadka or tempering for various dishes is a popular spice used in many traditional dishes. The spice is great for digestion and metabolism, which makes it a good aid in your weight loss journey. Drink some overnight kept cumin-soaked water or simply boil cumin in water and consume every morning. 

Black Cardamom or Moti Elaichi is an excellent remedy for poor digestion. It also protects the stomach against ulcers. Mix a quarter of a teaspoon of Black Cardamom powder with honey or in water and have it once a day to improve your digestion.

Fennel Seed or Saunf is often eaten after meals with sugar or on its own to aid digestion. The spice is rich in minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium making it a good remedy to reduce bloating and healing stomach cramps.

And remember to choose the safest spices of India. Happy eating!

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