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Tips To Keep Your Spices Fresh For Long

Tips To Keep Your Spices Fresh For Long

13 November, 2021

Author: Team Chukde

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There's no better feeling for a food lover than your kitchen filling up with the aroma of fresh spices and herbs. If you want to keep up that feeling, follow these simple steps to retain the flavour and aroma of your spices.

Buy Whole Spices - As much as possible use whole spices. They lock in the flavour for longer. Wherever you require powdered spices, do a bit of work and grind them fresh. You can read our blog on Spice blend or tips to grind your spices the right way.

Keep away from moisture - Moisture is not good for your spices, it'll sap the potency of your spices, plus they will be then susceptible to microbes and bugs. Keep them in airtight containers. When taking them out make sure the spoon isn't wet or the steam from your cooking doesn't dampen the spices.

Refrigerate the spices - Keep your spices cool and they will retain their flavour longer. When exposed to heat, spices tend to lose their aroma and taste. Whole spices can stay fresh for even longer than powdered spices in the refrigerator. This tip is especially useful for those who stock in large quantities.

Buy fresh stock - Always check the packaging date of your spices and if you are buying loose spices, the easiest test is to smell them. Also, avoid buying in bulk and plan your purchase in a way that you can finish your spices quarterly.

Besides these tips, know that the quality of spices that you buy would affect their flavour. Chukde Spices go through multiple stages of cleaning and sorting and are ETO Sterilized to seal in the authentic flavours of the spices. Read our blog "Are your spices safe?" to know more about our safety parameters. 

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