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The Science Of Freshness: How Chukde Ensures The Nutritional Value Of Their Spices

The Science Of Freshness: How Chukde Ensures The Nutritional Value Of Their Spices

13 December, 2023

Author: Team Chukde

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Indian spices have always been in demand for their rich fragrance and exotic taste. Pure Indian spices contribute to the taste of the food also. India’s premier masala brand, Chukde Spices, ensures only fresh spices reach your doorstep, and you can savour the authentic taste of the masale in your food. Let us understand how Chukde provides the freshness of the spices and their nutritional value to each customer.

How Chukde Retains the Nutritional Value of the Authentic Masale

Chukde Spices believes in providing authentic masale to all consumers. There are several steps involved in sourcing and cleaning the products and retaining the freshness and nutritional value of the spices. Below is the entire process from sourcing to packaging of the spices discussed:

  • Working with the Local Farmers: We believe in sourcing authentic products. We work closely with the local farmers, and their organic practices ensure the high quality of the spices. 
  • Microbial Tests for Quality: Our spices have to go through mandatory 27 chemical and microbial tests before entering the processing unit. These tests eliminate any bacteria or microbe that might affect the essence of the masale. The tests don’t affect the quality of the spice mix.
  • Fumigation Process for Extra Safety: The fumigation process eliminates the minimum chance of any unwanted substances in Chukde's authentic masale. This is only possible because our entire fumigation process is safe and scientifically proven to ensure extra safety for the spices.     
  • Cleaning Process: In the next stage, the spices go through a rigorous cleaning process. The cleaning process sometimes involves human hands for extra attention to the cleaning. At the same time, we sort out the most authentic masale for a top-class experience in food. The cleaning and sorting processes take place together for efficiency.
  • Handpicking the Spices: One of the prime reasons the freshness remains intact in the spices is that they are handpicked. At the same time, the nutritional value doesn’t get compromised due to the hand picking process. When the spices are selected and sorted through human touch, you can enjoy a unique aroma and flavour in the spice mix.
  • Unique ETO Sterilisation Process: ETO sterilisation refers to the Ethylene Oxide. It is used in the spice industry to eliminate microbial contamination, such as Salmonella and E. Coli. Chukde is readily conscious of this essential process. In our manufacturing unit, the sterilisation process is carried out by professionals to ensure efficient microbial load before sending the spices for professor packaging. It is a harmless process that helps the spices stay fresh and retain all the health benefits.
  • Careful Packaging: The ultimate goal of such an extensive process is for you to enjoy the flavour of the spices. This is why the packaging of Chukde's authentic Masale has to be impeccable. The final stage involves the packaging of the spices. The professionals handle this delicate part to ensure the freshness and proper taste of the product. In the end, you must feel excited holding a packet of Chukde spices, knowing that it is the best masala you have.   


This elaborate process ensures adequate and efficient planning, and it is done to ensure the quality is excellent. If you are looking for authentic masale that has flavour and taste, Chukde is what you must prefer. Chukde never compromises on the quality and authenticity of the spice - from whole spices to the spice mix. Your love for Indian dishes will increase vastly once you cook them using our top-class spices.    

Summing Up

The taste and aroma of any food relies significantly on the spices. This is why it is essential to choose the best and most authentic masala, from Chukde. With aroma, nutritional benefits, and much more, your Indian cuisine will come full circle.

We at Chukde follow such an elaborate process because spices should be clean and full of nutritional value.

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