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Are Your Spices Safe?

Are Your Spices Safe?

6 September, 2021

Author: Team Chukde


Whenever we consider buying spices, we think of aroma or flavour, but do we ever think of the safety of spices? Let's first understand what makes spices unsafe for you. 

Microbes & Pests 

Spices are obtained from plants grown mostly in tropical and subtropical regions. They could be anything from the bark, seeds, fruits, or leaves of the plant - dried and processed. Since they grow out in the open in warm, humid regions, they are prone to get infested by insects or microbes. It is important to take care of the crops right till they are harvested. 

That is why Chukde takes special initiatives to work closely with local farmers by guiding and helping them in obtaining safe produce. We also follow a long 7-day fumigation process to eliminate pests. This is followed by 27 microbial and chemical tests to let only the safest spices pass through. 

Other Natural Elements

Since many of the spices are grown in forest areas, they accumulate dust and mud. Some spices like ajwain, jeera, and dhania grow along with unpleasant weeds that may be harmful to your health. It is important to thoroughly clean the spices once they are picked from the farms to get rid of these unwanted elements. 

To ensure only the cleanest spices make it, the safest spices of India, Chukde Spices pass through a 7-stage cleaning process which includes machines like the 'Clean O Grader' that segregates the spices from the dust and the 'De Stoner' that separates heavy stones and particles from the spices. Rear-earth magnets are used to remove the tiniest of unwanted metal particles to get the safest spices.  

Artificial Additives

Did you know papaya seeds are added to black pepper to increase the volume? Similarly, Sudan Dye is added to Chilli Powder and other colourants to various ground spices. Some of them just deteriorate the quality and others are simply harmful to your health. 

At Chukde Spices, we are dedicated to giving you the highest quality product without any adulteration or hampering with the packaging. 

In fact, to seal the purity and safety of spices we make sure to sterilize our spices in ETO Sterilization Plants, the first in the country used in the spice industry

So, next time you pick a pack of spices for its authenticity or taste, don't forget to check the safety meter of the spices either.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy!

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Team Chukde

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