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5 Top Holistic Benefits Of Incorporating Pure Indian Spices Into Your Lifestyle

5 Top Holistic Benefits Of Incorporating Pure Indian Spices Into Your Lifestyle

21 August, 2023

Author: Team Chukde

5 Top Holistic Benefits Of Incorporating Pure Indian Spices Into Your Lifestyle

Indian spices are known to provide exquisite tastel to various cuisines. However, spices hold much other significance in our daily lives. If we use pure Indian spices in everyday food, the health benefits will be discernible. In this blog, we will talk about different Indian spices and their significant health advantages.

Top Indian spices you should know about

Pure Indian spices consist of several significant components we use in our food. Let us understand the constituents of these spices first -

· Turmeric

Turmeric tops the list in the list of pure spices. This bright yellow component is known for providing nutrition and healthy natural colour to the food.

· Cumin

Cumin has become a significant part of the Indian spice list. This spice is popular for its use as ‘tadka’ in any dish. Cumin, also known as ‘jira’, adds an earthly flavour and nutty taste to the food to make it distinctive.

· Cinnamon

Cinnamon or popularly known as Dalchini, is a part of every Indian spice shelf without any doubt. Made from the tree's inner bark, cinnamon provides a unique aromatic flavour to the food, making it distant from other known spices.

· Cloves

Lavang, or cloves, is incessant in dishes like meats, curries, soup and much more. Cloves are nothing but the flower buds of a tree native to Indonesia.

· Fennel

The refreshing flavour makes fennel a permanent part of the Indian spice list. People use roasted fennel seeds for a unique taste in the food. It bears a liquorice kind of taste which is found in no other Indian spice.

· Ginger

Ginger is always present in Indian dishes as a whole or paste with garlic. It keeps you warm from the inside during the cold season. Whether you make curry or soup, you can’t ignore ginger.

· Black pepper

One of the most commonly used spices, black pepper or kali mirch, adds delicacy and flavour to the various Indian dishes.

Top 5 health benefits of incorporating Indian spices into your lifestyle

Let’s understand the different benefits that pure Indian spices can offer you apart from contributing to the taste and flavour of the food.

· Anti-inflammatory properties

Indian spices are significantly popular for containing anti-inflammatory properties. Cumin and turmeric contain these properties and help prevent diseases like cancer, heart condition, and diabetes. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric also help to treat gas, toothaches, chest pain and menstrual imbalance.

· Blood sugar control

The spices such as cinnamon, cloves, garlic and fenugreek have the potential to control the blood sugar level in your body. Garlic increases the serum insulin in your body, and blood sugar remains in control. Coriander also provides excellent support to minimize the sugar level in your blood and improves insulin sensitivity. These spices can work wonders for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

· Heart health

Indian pure spices by Chukde, like cardamom, cinnamon, and turmeric, ensure the healthy condition of your heart. When used adequately, these spices can help reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol levels and maintain blood pressure.

As a result, your heart remains healthy. Apart from these common spices, black pepper also contributes to keeping the heart in the best condition by activating cardio-motivated action. A compound, such as vanadium, promotes efficient cardiac function.

· Strong immunity

Indian spices also contribute to making your body immune, strong, and resilient against any disease. Such spices include turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, green chilli, ginger, carom seed etc. The mineral, micronutrients and anti-oxidant properties in pure spices ensure you can have the strongest immunity system. For example - the garam masala mix can help you to get relief from fever, cough, and common cold.

· Excellent digestion

The digestion gets also improved by the spices such as cloves and cumin. They help the stomach release gastric acids and promote digestion. As a result, you can eat adequately, which positively affects your health. Along with these spices, Jeera, cardamom, and pepper improve digestion and metabolism.

When it comes to pure Indian spices, you can’t ignore a prominent spice seller Chukde. We ensure top-quality spices for your daily use in the food. You will find the best quality product in every Indian spice category. With reasonable prices and various pure spice options, Chukde is your best option.

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